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Erkunde Indium Phosphide, Wallentin und noch mehr!

Nanodrähte ermöglichen günstige Solarzellen

NRL designs multi-junction solar devices to break the 50% conversion efficiency barrier. The major technical breakthrough could come with novel semiconductor materials lattice-matched to Indium phosphide (InP)

Growth and Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion of Wurtzite Indium Phosphide Nanowire Arrays

Underwater solar energy

Engineers just smashed the world record for solar power

PV SOLAR: new prototype Australian photovoltaic cells harvest an unheard-of 34.5 percent of the sun's energy without concentrators — a new world record. it works by splitting the incoming sunlight into four bands. The infrared band of that light is reflected back towards a silicon solar cell, and the other three bands are directed into a three-layer, new type of solar cell, made of: indium-gallium-phosphide; indium-gallium-arsenide; and germanium.

New tech has me excited new Indium Gallium Phosphide Solar Cells have efficency high enough to generate electricity under water from the sun almost 40% efficiency

Solar Speedster SunPower Isn’t Pulling Plug In Nevada (Yet)

Solar Ready Vets Transforms US Military Into Climate Change Fighters

A Guide To Inspiring Climate Action In The Age Of Trump

With Donald Trump As CiC, US Navy Is Caught In Clean Power Crosshairs