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Piano Stairs meets Breakdance (part II) - YouTube

▶ Piano Stairs meets Breakdance (part I) - YouTube

Garageband for iPad, New Features 2016, The Drummer - YouTube

Clip 9 Curwen Hand Signs. UP-sized Kodaly with Curwen. MALE voices. ( just think,.... it all started with.... Sol - mi ... Sol Sol mi ! )

Oye Como Va Mallet Madness- I would LOVE to do this with my 5th graders. If only we had more instruments UGH

▶ Piano Stairs meets Breakdance (part I) - YouTube

If You are Happy and you Know it---K-1 with Orff instruments

hee hee...use scarves instead of buying hundreds of party favors to play the rhythm! :)

Great! Nutcracer March: 2nd Grade experienced the difference between an even marching rhythm and an uneven galloping rhythm. Here, Mrs. Creach's class demonstrates with candy cane "horses", bells, and egg shakers. They also demonstrate rondo form (ABACABA) through their playing and movement.