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Erkunde König Harald, Harald Attended und noch mehr!

Dragon detail, Stave Church of Gol, Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway

Christian Michelsen, a shipping magnate and statesman, Prime Minister of Norway from 1905 to 1907, played a central role in the peaceful separation of Norway from Sweden on 7 June 1905. After a national referendum confirmed the people's preference for a monarchy over a republic.The Norwegian government offered the throne of Norway to Prince Carl of Denmark, and Parliament unanimously elected him king, the first king of a fully independent Norway in 586 years.

Henrik Wergeland. Romantic poet of Norway in 19th century. My step-great-great-great grandpa (and close friend of my great-great-great grandpa). When he died, after my ggg grandma died, my ggg grandpa married his widow, Amalie Sofie. My ggg grandpa also gave the eulogy at his funeral. Edvard Grieg used his poetry as lyrics in his Opus 58, songs of Norway. Also, Wergeland's poetry was famous for also fighting for the rights of Jews in Norway.

John Erik Stacy Norwegian American Weekly If you have friends or relatives in Norway, chances are some of them are sheep-farmers. Late September through October every year, Norwegian sheep-farmers ...

St Olaf of Norway patron of carvers[disambiguation needed]; difficult marriage; kings; Norway, Faroe Islands, Åland

Opdoen van het haar en opzetten van de muts bij de streekdrachten van Hallingdal, Voss en Hardanger. Film Norsk Folkemuseum.

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The Saint Olav Drama is an outdoor theatre performance played every end of July in Stiklestad in Verdal, Norway, to commemorate the Battle of Stiklestad. Stiklestad is the battlefield where King Olav Haraldsson fell 29. July 1030, and he became known as St. Olav. The play was written by Olav Gullvåg, and has been staged every year since 1954.

TEXTILES! Rural and Coastal Life in the Southern Region of Norway at the End of the 19th C . They made blankets, curtains, rugs, pillows, uphostery, clothing, mats, every single fabric/wool item was handmade. wow.