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Erkunde Frühmittelalter, Kreis Flach und noch mehr!

uiuh89 | Weapons and Warfare

Beautiful pattern in the shield

This magnificent anthropomorphic Celtic sword is also one of the best preserved. The beautifully modeled head that terminates the hilt is one of the finest surviving images of a Celtic warrior.

Kentish dress. Cloth and Clothing in early Anglo-Saxon England, Penelope Walton Rogers.

Golden Roman helmet | Golden Roman helmet found near ancient city of Sirmium, nowadays city of Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia. Discovered in 1955 it was dated to around 4th century AD. It is considered that this helmet was manufactured in the imperial workshop in Sirmium.

A Sasanian Spangenhelm. 4th - 5th century A.D. Combat helmet with vertical bronze strips connecting four oval bronze plates. The horizontal rim is made of iron.

This collection of shield bosses comes from a Saxon cemetery site in Croydon. It was not uncommon for Saxons to be buried with their weapons.