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Lady in white dress with black cashmere scarf Nicolas François Dun 1810 , Tansey Collection

Lady in Black Dress with White Frills, Nicolas Jacques, 1818

Jean Baptiste Singry Lady in White Dress with Light Blue Shawl circa 1820

Jacques Delaplace Lady in White Dress with Green Scarf circa 1805

Lady in Violet Gown with Feather-Trimmed Hat, approx. 1796. This portrait of a lady with a fashionable feather-trimmed hat, a summer bouquet at her corsage and a fan in her hands is one of Marie Gabrielle Capet' s masterpieces.

Félicité Laborey, Lady in White Dress with Red Cashmere Shawl, ca. 1805

Coral jewelry and hair comb. Charles Pierre Cior, Portrait of a lady, ca.1810