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Strength is not what you do, it is what you feel. The chief of the Blackfoot tribe, my father, encourages everyone to go on a spirit quest, which is a mental and physical test. Iiniwa says I should go on the Strength Quest to gain respect from my father and the tribe. Legend says there is a golden eagle, no one has ever captured this eagle or survived. I, Hanata, shall forge my own path, and conquer what no other Blackfoot has ever done before. Iiniwa believes in me, but do I believe in…

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Photographer: Photography by Leena​ Jewelry: A Mon Seul Désir​ Model: La FaeSan​

Photographer: LiancaryHeadpiece: Hysteria Machine​Model: Sabrina R.

“Blind” — Photographer: Sheridan’s Art​Mask/Halo: Hysteria Machine​Makeup: Kika Macabre​Model: Myrna Moonstruck​

Photographer: Warped Prod Stylist: Droops CreationMakeup: Mickey Artworld Model: Jérémie Landry

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