Erkunde Koch Backrezepte, Beurer Küchenwaage und noch mehr!

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Beurer Küchenwaage KS 800, 100 Koch-/Backrezepte via App, Bluetooth, iOS, Android, Dot-Matrix Display - CHF 138.–

Peser avec une grande précision tous produits de laboratoires. Industrie, laboratoires, cuisines... SBZ-600: 600g/0.1gSBZ-1500: 1.5kg/0.1gSBZ-5000S: 5kg/1gSBZ-6000: 6kg/0.1gSBZ-10Kg: 10Kg/0.1gSBZ-10KS: 10Kg/1gSBZ-10KSB:10Kg/2gSBZ-20K: 20Kg/1g

kitchen scale / Terraillon 4000 / Küchenwaage / gelb / yellow / 70s / 70er

Tor Rey EQB-20/40-W Waterproof Scale. The Tor Rey EQB-20/40-W features stainless steel construction and a hermetically sealed indicator ideal for seafood packers, slaughterhouses, poultry, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies and more #WaterproofScales #USA

Eva Solo Küchenwaage, schwarz

Newline Digital Talking Bathroom Scale- 440 Lb Capacity by NewlineNY. $23.95. Auto shut off after 10 seconds of idle for energy saving. High capacity, weight in Kg or Lb up to 200 kg or 440 lb. very easy & sensitive to foot tap activation, no need to search for buttons. True Voice Indication with on/off control, Auto Reading Data. Ideal for the vision-impaired or weak eye-sight. Newline is the manufacturer of this item and it is the only seller in United State. Newlin...

Alessi Elektronische Küchenwaage

Legal For Trade load cells are required for Legal For Trade floor scales or small truck scales #Scale #Loadcells #Loadsensors #IndustrialScales #USA #California

Terraillon: mech. Küchen- Waage / Orange / 1970's / Vintage in Wetzikon ZH von cyan74 kaufen bei

Brecknell DCSB7248-05 Pegasus Floor Scale 5,000 x 1 lb 2500 x .5 kg 72" x 48" NTEP Certified #NTEPFloorScales #USA #California

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