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Sexiest Man Alive - GALA zeigt die heißesten Männer

2001: Pierce Brosnan.

Seillederarmband. Topmodisch! braun / weiß mit Kordelverschluss Sehr schön anzusehen / stylish! Für Sie und Ihn Nr. 131

......every minute....your name on my mouth constantly forming the sounds to speak it... because I want to tell you this & that & the other about what is running through my head....& sometimes in my mind I speak something to you & we share a smirk, or our eyes lock smiling, because we know that the other is giggling inside....

Ben Kingsley. Is made of awesomeness. Villain or hero, he can make you love him or hate him against your will or knowledge.

Patrick Swayze, with all of his greatness will come back from the dead just for this movie to play one person, and one person only. No one else shall ever be casted for this person.