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My first experience with Dark Souls so far

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Ständer Bohrmaschinen Tisch mit T-Nut zur Befestigung, Anschlag und kleinen Ablagefächer für Werkzeug und Serienarbeiten

DIY Budget Tire Rack (or shelves) for your garage

Tire Shelves

“As a teenager, I didn’t want to be me; I wanted to be many different people. Maybe I realized that they all lived inside me and that if I managed to connect with them, they would become aspects of me.” -Marion Cotillard

Mako Mermaids - behind the scenes with Allie and Isabel

Syrian jihadis fume: Russian initiative "dirty deal," only good for Israel Wait a minute. Five minutes ago, the Syrian intervention was being engineered by shadowy Israeli forces. The Jews, the worst enemies of the Muslims according to the Qur'an, are all-purpose objects of Islamic supremacist paranoia, no matter how self-contradictory.

24 New Knock Knock Jokes

24 New Knock Knock Jokes to use with your child