Erkunde Zweites Goetheanum, Steiners Zweites und noch mehr!

Goetheanum - surroundings

Goetheanum - The world center for the anthroposophical movement, located in Switzerland, commissioned the

Dornach - Goetheanum - Terrasse - Goetheanum – Wikipedia – Foto Taxiarchos228

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Dornach - Goetheanum - Westtreppenhaus1 - Goetheanum – Wikipedia – Foto Taxiarchos228

This is the big auditorium of the Goetheanum. The "Grosser Saal" is used by the anthroposophical movement for acting and eurythmy. The paintings shall show the human development. The beautiful colors at the end of the hall come from the stained glass. Design of the Goetheanum and the paintings by Rudolf Steiner, built 1924-1928.

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Dornach - Goetheanum - Westtreppenhaus3 - Goetheanum

First Goetheanum - Rudolf Steiner

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