Erkunde Considered, Die Große und noch mehr!

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Bildergebnis für Frauen in der Kunstgeschichte

18 erfrischende Bob-Frisuren für kurze Haare mit Pfiff!

Embroidered knit sweater, boyfriend jeans, Gucci loafers and fishnet stockings

40 Coole Blumen Tattoo Vorlage |

Tomesode and obi - the nape of a woman's neck is considered very sensual and beautiful in the Japanese culture. Kimonos are designed to draw attention to the neck with upswept hair.

..the hypocrite self-constructed misogyny from cowardish

Blue Color nail arts!!! While blue is a color that is considered a masculine choice by most, you would be surprised at how many women like blue colored nail polish.....

skin - freckles - photography

Butterfly and Skull Tattoo

the beautiful marie antoinette

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