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In Beijing, an eccentric resident has attracted the ire of his neighbors with the elaborate rock-like structures he has built to surround his rooftop home. The illegal landscape, consisting of false stone and real plants, has neighbors in the 26-story building worried about the possibility of collapsing ceilings.

fan vaulting, king's college chapel, cambridge

Antwerpen Centraal Railway Station

Beijing's Television Cultural Center, designed by Rem Koolhaas (who also designed the other tower across the street). It, along with it's ne...

Private residence on a colorful street, Vina de Mar, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Although it looks like a blurred picture, this is a real building in Paris. Amazing!

Casa Batlló, Barcelona... if this is real it's totally on my bucket list

La Conciergerie, Paris. Built in the Middle Ages as a Merovingian Palace, it was later converted to a prison when Charles V decided the Louvre was much better digs. It had a bit of a notorious reputation, from torture, to its roll as a holding cell for prisoners before meeting the guillotine during the reign of terror. This staircase is located in the main hall and leads up to the upper stories.

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