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Erkunde Diss, Ghana und noch mehr!

3594 fin cor Hilfsgeister Ghana remi bazan

59 Hilfsgeister Ghana cH Antes Foto remi bazan

Africa | "Good luck charms" Ghana | ©African Imagery

Meerjungfrau Ewe Westafrika

Africa | Ewe Fetish, Ghana | The Ewe fetishes, which acquire power through consecration and the addition of special substances, serve to protect their owners from misfortune, disease or evil spirits.

Meerjungfrau Mermaid Vodun Ewe A

Akan culture (Ghana) Commemorative Portrait Head 16th - 18th century terracotta with traces of polychrome 12 x 8 x 5½ in 30.48 x 20.32 x 13.97 cm

Aklama - Hilfsgeister der Dangme und Ewe

Beautiful representation of a queen sitting on a stool, Ashanti, Ghana / Ivory Coast. Wood, old brown patina, traces of polychrome Height: 36.5 cm

Aklama: Hilfsgeister der Ewe und Dangme aus der Studiensammlung Horst Antes…