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Mr. Scott. Amazing officer and when he got old I imagined him as my awesome grandpa

Star Trek, now and then: but they left out Mr. Sulu in the old version one!

The last frame should have a thought bubble that reads, "Aye, ye pointy-eared know-it-all!"

1967 - The Original Star Trek - Leonard Nimoy - Willian Shatner - DeForrest Kelley - Nichelle Nichols

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Star Trek Spock quote - Without followers, evil cannot spread.

"He’s one of the few people I know who can really convince you he’s mad, that he’s psychotic, even though he’s very attractive and looks inoffensive. He’s not a huge, terrifying figure, but there’s something terrible behind those eyes. There’s something dead in him… like something else is inside him." - Mark Gatiss on Andrew Scott.