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Eyes of the Animal Kingdom
von 9GAG

Eyes of the Animal Kingdom

Faszination Wundervoll,Augen Iris,Gruselig,Interessant,Tierwelt,Palme,Bild,Tierreich,Natur

Avengers, assembled. THANK YOU WHOEVER MADE THIS for including Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Vision, War Machine, and Bucky. They are all Avengers in my mind. This is my avengers team.

I love how England is the only one who completely looses it x)



Zipper animated - Reißverschluss – Wikipedia

I love how the person who made this incorporated Japan's accent. It makes it 110% better.

Thatll be one wall, another will be TARDIS blue. Idk bout the other two yet

Who made this gif? It's absolutely perfect!~Ashley

references for all things homestuck — Lot’s of fan-made God Tier designs below ...