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Erkunde Detektiert Gravitations, Mal Süß und noch mehr!

Scientists have detected gravitational waves.

Microscopic Lifeforms of Light by Reciprocity, via Flickr

Scientist Rosalind Franklin made the first clear X-ray images of DNA’s structure. Her work was described as the most beautiful X-ray photographs ever taken. Franklin’s ‘Photo 51’ informed Crick and Watson of DNA’s double helix structure for which they were awarded a Nobel Prize. Franklin died of ovarian cancer in 1958, aged 37, her contribution to DNA’s discovery story unacknowledged.

A tooth from a man buried in Quebec during the 18th or 19th century who had had rickets. Scientists recently reported that teeth contain enduring records of vitamin D deficiency. Credit Lori D'Ortenzio

10 Scientific Laws and Theories You Really Should Know: Einstein's broader theory of relativity told us more about how the universe works...but it also introduced more confusion into theoretical science. In 1927, this sense that the universe's laws were, in some contexts, flexible, led to a groundbreaking discovery by the German scientist Werner Heisenberg. In postulating his Uncertainty Principle, Heisenberg realized that it was impossible to simultaneously know two properties of a…

According to most scientists, all life on Earth has a common ancestor. But in order to produce the immense amount of difference among all living organisms, certain ones had to evolve into distinct species. In a basic sense, this differentiation occurred through evolution, through descent with modification [source: UCMP]. Populations of organisms developed different traits, through mechanisms such as mutation.

10 Scientific Laws and Theories You Really Should Know - Album on Imgur As long as we're talking about one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, let's move on to Newton's other famous laws. His three laws of motion form an essential component of modern physics. And like many scientific laws, they're rather elegant in their simplicity.

Cell Nucleus, illustration by mrkism

NASA before Powerpoint. Photo by JR Eyerman. 1960's.

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