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Erkunde Solar-Gericht, Solar Collector und noch mehr!

Gewerbehalle Mühlematte, Altbüron

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Solar Shingles

Solar panel shingles with a power bill of 4 bucks...I'll take that…

Transparent Solar Panels for windows ~ Way Cool Idea!

Love how the solar power blends right in! :) This can be installed by ANY metal roofing professional!


World's First Integrated Solar System Generates Electricity and Heat

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Flexible & Lightweight Solar Fabric by FTL Solar

FTL has two main solar products – the Powermod 285 and the Powermod 1200, which are rated at 285 W and 1200 W, respectively. It can be used as a sun shade in your backyard. The fabric can basically be installed in the same ways you would utilize a tarp. The Powermod 285 can easily produce enough power to run phones, computers, fans, power tools, lights....

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Quick, Hide the Solar Panels!

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These Zero-Impact Tree-Inspired Houses Will Blend Right Into The Forest

These Zero-Impact Tree-Inspired Houses Will Blend Right Into The Forest #architecture

The FusionSolar solar system includes thin-film photovoltaics fused into standing-seam panels, blending in with the roof and eliminating the need for penetrations. The turnkey system comes with all components, schematics, and specifications for wiring; roofing professionals install the roof as they would a standard metal roof, the company says. Solar capacity is customizable, scaled to deliver 3-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30-, 60-, or 120-kW-sized output. The thin-film laminate is durable enough to be…