Erkunde Origami Metall, Metall Kraniche und noch mehr!

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1000 Origami-Metall-Kraniche DER FILM! - Baumetall

Russian artist, Pavel Platonov’s Geometric Installations – his installations are large-scale origami-like tessellations in a variety of media and environments. Platonov has used mirror, fabric, metal, and other materials to create sharp, angular geometric forms. The installations also use lighting, shadow, and reflection to create an altered, futuristic effect |

Sa Umbrella by Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman

CAROL NELSON FINE ART BLOG-This mixed media piece features multiple transparent washes over a copper-painted canvas. The squares are wood covered with gold metallic origami foil. The thin wood squares were flat to begin with, but became curved when they were embedded in gesso and acrylic medium. I actually thought the curves they took on were a plus - another example of a happy accident. Because of the metallic paints and foil, the light bounces around and gives the painting a warm glow.

Sa Umbrella by Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman

Origami-influenced Sa umbrella "bounces back into shape"

Kartell's origami lighting masterpiece, known as the Bloom Pendant, is sharp accent in white.

SA™: The Umbrella Reimagined by Nooka Photo

The Albers Effect - Bryant Yee.

Tie break - David/Nicolas

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