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Erkunde Fisch Aquarien, Blue Fish und noch mehr!

Descending 200 meters into the dark of the deep sea reveals some weird and wonderful creatures.

The transparent Indian Glass Fish

transparent life

Créatures uniques qui habitent le fond marin

fonds marins, méduse incroyable turquoise

Humphead glassfish, Parambassis pulcinella | Features | Practical Fishkeeping

Also known as sea sparkle, Noctiluca scintillans is a large dinoflagellate that lives near the surface of the ocean, where it feeds on other planktonic organisms. It has a flattened spherical body but no protective test. It is colorless, although the presence of photosynthetic organisms within the cell may give it a pink or greenish tinge. This species, which is bioluminescent (noctiluca means “shining lantern”), may also form red tides and has been linked to fish and invertebrate deaths