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Rudolf Otto Schäfer, Fantasy Literatur.

Leseproben für kleine Schmökerratten: Kiara und das Schimpfmonster von Rudolf Otto Schäf...

Autorenfoto R.O.Schäfer

Urban Fantasy at its best! - YouTube


Fantasy Autor R.O.Schäfer


Zeitung Mystery Serie von R.O.Schäfer.


Cover Buch Shadow Town, Mystery Serie von R.O.Schäfer

So they went to the Six Pine Trees, and threw fircones at each other until they had forgotten what they came for, and they left the basket under the trees and went back to dinner. - The House at Pooh Corner, 1928

MYTH OF THE APPLE OF DISCORD Paris sighed. “Thank you for coming,” he said just as Hera stepped forward. “Young shepherd,” Hera said, “I am the fairest,” and she whirled to show him how lovely she was. “Award me the apple, and you will have wealth and power. You will rule over the Earth. This I shall bestow upon you.” Paris lighted up with pleasure at the thought. As a boy he had been abandoned. Now he could seize the power he once had thought was forever lost to him.