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Erkunde Radfahren Frauen, Frauenradsport und noch mehr!

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8 Amazing Steampunk Looks For Women:

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Crescent Moon Pentacle Earrings Natural Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry. The symbol of the moon is tied to female spirituality and the goddesses of Greek and Roman origin. The phases of the moon represent the stages of a woman's life: maiden (waxing), mother (full), crone (waning). Celtic knotwork is representative of Irish, Welsh and Scottish heritage, and is symbolically a representation of the infinite nature of the cycles of life.

imbolc - quickening, das alte keltische Fest des Neubeginns, die ersten Frühlingsboten weden im Garten sichtbar und künden von der Hoffnung...

1969 Dodge Charger R/T vintage print advertisement

“A blind, bald, crippled, toothless man who is a hideous hermaphroditic character with neither the force and fitness of a man nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.” A relative on my mother’s side said this about another relation on my father’s side. Thomas Jefferson said this speaking about John Adams in the presidential campaign in 1800. During the election cycle of 2015–16, we’ve seen and heard things we never believed a presidential candidate would say. But, are any as…

Red Temple Tent Poetry Budget Tote Bag The “Red Temple Tent” is a compilation of original micropoetry and images that celebrate the sisterhood of women and their unique attributes, strengths, and collective experiences throughout the cycle of life. Poem reads: Welcome to my red temple tent / Enter at your own risk / You may find me heaven-sent / Or hellbent / Maiden, mother, crone / There’s no place like home / Where I reign as the / Queen of my domain / In my red temple tent © Eleanor…

eautiful feminine brass spiral hoops. Stylish handmade design and are perfect for women who love statement jewelry. Spirals are representative of the cycle of rebirth or as a symbol of a mother goddess Because of its connection with mother goddesses, the spiral is a very feminine symbol, representing not only women but also a variety of things traditionally associated with women. Measurements: 1.5 *1.25 inches across Weight - 0.3 oz