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Erkunde Radfahren Frauen, Frauenradsport und noch mehr!

LTB 63 - Micky, der rasende Reporter - Lustiges Taschenbuch | Lustige Taschenbücher | LTB

#moonchild #cancers ~ As the moon reaches her fullest, most creative phase, so do you. As she disappears into the deepest depths of her darkness, so do you. As she prepares to reach for new beginnings in her crescent phase, so do you. Her essence is always with thee, for you carry her beauty, her light, her darkness and her power within your womb. ~Roslyne Sophia Breillat

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Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza with Tofu Blue Cheese Spread

Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza with Tofu Blue Cheese Spread - Keepin' It KindKeepin' It Kind

Sacred Rituals New Moon Gaia Invocation   Dearest earth child,  As we spread love and light to all mankind, we must also honour and devote love to this sacred earth and all of its creatures.  In honour of your Divine inner light I am sending you a Gaia Invocation Ritual. Under the powerful new moon  we set fearless intentions. What better intentions to offer at this time than to nourish our beloved Mother Earth with love.   With much love and blessings, Sharon X

"If mothers are not empowered, children & families suffer, & that's how the painful cycles continue into the next generation." #Motherhood #women #goddess #moms #sisterhood #feminism #soulsisters #getalife #getheard

For parents of older teenage girls - this is more like high-school biology stuff. I know this is a weird pin, but this article explains in really down-to-earth detail of the cycle of women and how the female reproductive parts work. I was like wow, I learned something, wow....very tactful.

Andara Firman Moeis: Dancing for change. Written by Ika Krismantari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Tue, 05/22/2012 8:00 AM

A woman who is aligned with her ancient nature. A healer. A wise woman. A co-Creatrix with the Universe & believer in the magical sacred divinity of herself & all beings. An autonomous woman who aligns with the cycles, seasons & the power of the earth & moon through ritual & communion. Her body & Mother Earth are one. The moon speaks to her the trees speak to her the animals speak to her the ancients speak to her & the Goddess lives within her.........