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Erich's, Ulli's und Zwergschnauzer Jazzy's Welt - Great Plains ...

Red Shirt again, "The Fighting Chief of the Sioux Nation," probably by Elliott & Fry (London), 1887

Red Shirt, Ogala Sioux

Red Shirt ~ Picture taken while on tour in England with Buffalo Bill

Chief Red Shirt mounted on a horse with three other Sioux men ...

Red Shirt of the Oglala Sioux

Chief Red Shirt, from the tribe in which my family is born, the Oglala Sioux

Oglala Sioux Chief Red Shirt poses for a full-length studio portrait while touring with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Photograph taken between 1885 and 1900.

NATIVE AMERICAN DELEGATION. Delegation led by Oglala Sioux chief Red Cloud, photographed at Washington

Old Photos - Oglala | Sioux Research-Dakota, Lakota, Nakota

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