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This is fascinating. I knew different materials would put off different colors, but the *pattern* guide is rather amazing.

How the Mokume Gane technique is done. I have been wondering this for some time. Amazing.

Scrap Metal Sculpture - Snake - Adder - OOAK - Original Artwork with Recycled Materials - Large Sculpture

Cabinet made from an old aircraft door

Blacksmith Forge Welding Anvil Steel Iron - 101 Books on DVD, How to guides

The Garage Guy's Guide To Welding: Mastering MIG - MillerWelds

Rattlesnake #SK202012 Using discarded industrial chain of varying sizes and some rusty nails, Shamus forms this amazing work of art.

How to Remove Panel Clips

Panel clips are used to hold door and splash panels in place, and it's important to use the right tool to remove and reinsert them or they can get destroyed. We'll show you how.