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Hoodie Creepypasta by on @deviantART

Holy shit 0////0 *nosebleed* I-I'm ok...... N-nope. No I'm not.

Obsession by on @DeviantArt

Obsession by on @DeviantArt

XD *falls down laughing* Hoodie: Shut up! That fan art was so scary once i realised what it was... Me: Was it you and Masky kissing?! Hoodie: Yeah it scared me Masky: *shivers*

Save him!!!!! SAVE HIM!!! I can't live without him!!!| Masky: Uh..Gravity...I'm standing right beside you, hearing your reaction at this pic.| Me:*blushes* Crud...| Masky: Its ok. At least you won't hug me and squeal like the other fangirls.| Me:(thinking)Why did I blurt that out?! He must think I'm an idiot! And I like him!! What do I say, what do I say?!?(spoken) Yeah...not like the others..*smiles shyly*

Hoody by on @deviantART