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MX COACH: Keine Lust neue Spuren auf der Strecke zu testen – hier ist die Lösung!

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When you are in conflict situations, do you sometimes lose your temper and say too much? Alternatively you might be one of those people who cannot deal with conflict so you keep quiet for too long; and a result of not speaking up, you don't get what you want. Either way, you are allowing your feelings to control the situation, when it is your Rational brain that should. The rule to follow is this: Resolve conflicts according to the principles of reason, not high emotion or avoidance…

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as pioneers in the field of IT / ITES and Training offering state of the art deliverables in both fields of IT related development and training on various platforms of c, c#, .Net, java, php, SQL, excel, informatica. We strive continuously to impart best IT solutions and facilitate candidates to excel in their corporate life. We have best in class and time tested practices incorporated in our coaching which includes a perfect blend of on the job

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Great way to educate on the many ways one can personally experience stress. This is a great idea for any emotion/experience.

Thoughts on Creativity: Small Distractions: Scattered Wastes of Time or Essential Creative Excursions?

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside. This quote would make awesome wall art!

Creating good boundaries is part of taking care of yourself. When we are raised to people please we learn to make other people’s desires more important than our own. You have a right to your own feelings, your money and your time. Learn to take back your power and create boundaries around your own values. Listen to my podcast "I Said “No” and the World Didn’t End" and learn tips on how ot say No. Much love, Mary DeYon The Codependency Coach