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Friends hanging out taking pictures – Bild © Kreative Stock-Fotografie, Vektoren und Illustrationen für Internet-, Print- und Mobile-Nutzung

Wolf's Wisdom Includes: Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage, Death and rebirth, Spirit teaching, Guidance in dreams and meditations, Instinct linked with intelligence, Social and familial values, Outwitting enemies, Ability to pass unseen, Steadfastness, Skill in protection of self and family, Taking advantage of change.

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Kreaturen der Ordnung Passeriformes-Jahrgang inspiriert Wissenschaft Poster von Kelsey Oseid

Kreaturen der Ordnung Passeriformes-Jahrgang inspiriert von kelzuki

The perfect picture of a woman: we were made "Ezer Kenegdo" by God himself (from the Hebrew~azar nagad)- Suitable=Essential & Helper=Counterpart (from Genesis 2:18) We are made in the image of God; equal=made to reflect God; but different than man=feminine; to surround protect or aid; an ally~to be conspicuous and to declare. Image by Tsuyoshi Nagano, "Prominence"


Trommelbrücke bei Meguro

Trommelbrücke bei Meguro Poster

AURORA : goddess of the dawn, renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. Original ; Kinuko Y Craft.

Africa | Mask "walu" from the Dogon people of Mali | Wood, polychrome paint || Representing the mythic antelope "walu", that was engaged by the creator deity "amma" to protect the sun from the fox "yurugu". To take revenge the fox digged holes in the ground, so the antelope fell and was badly injured. Although the eight ancestors of men nursed "walu", it died. The dance of the mask "walu" reminds of this mythical occurrence.

Nostalgia for the Dawn by on @deviantART

Timeline infographic with arrows. Beach holidays icons. Cocktail, human footprints and swimming trunks signs. Summer sun symbol. Five options with hand. Growth chart. Vector - stock vector