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Erkunde Elektromotoren, Elektroräder und noch mehr!

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Modern mini cars, honey! Peugeot @Alexander Forsén Rostof

In the first book 'The Eleventh Elementum', the vehicle of choice is a hoover van like this one but bigger.

kombi food truck - Buscar con Google

von Ubergizmo

Bemoove Concept Car

Awesome concept car- we may need a new pinboard: Concept Transportation!

Ozone Hydrogen Powered Car with 2 Giant Wheels

Tesla's horseless carriage (electric) ===>

Sustaining environment, reducing traffic pollution, being time and space-efficient — those are the issues bothering most conscious city dwellers. E-go2 is a electric vehicle meeting all those demands. It is balanced on two wheels, supported by electronics, and takes one square meter of space. This environmental rover solves a problem of transportation in the downtowns. E-go2s will be available to public on rental basis. Via:

EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept : The Vision of Our Future Car Sharing System