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KLEINE Unerledigte leere Holz BanglesGeschenk für von WoodBeJewels, $3.98

3 PCS Unfinished Blank Wood Bangles-Spring Jewelry- Summer Bangles- Eco-Friendly Jewelry - Gift for Her - Wooden Bracelets-Wood Bangles

Each one has been costume handcrafted in the fine detail and features a satiny smooth texture. Made from Eco-friendly hardwood, these pretty bangles can be worn in their natural state to add an organic fluidity to whatever you wear. You can stain them with a richly hued natural stain or hand paint them in an attractive design. This is a Wood Be Jewels original design. Order to guarantee availability. Inner Diameter - 2.75 inches SOLD IN SETS OF 3

Set aus 3 Damen-Armbändern

Wood Bangle - Unifinished Wood Bangle - Jewelry Supply -Wood Bangle- Ecofriendly Wood Jewelry - Craft Supply

Unfinished Blank Wood Bangles Unique Bracelet by WoodBeJewels, $3.75

Damen-Hose mit Palmen-Print

Blink if you want me ;) and click here to see more; $6.25

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Wood Jewelry - Unfinished Elastic Wooden Bangle- Unique Bangle - Eco-Friendly Bracelet- Jewelry Supply- Blank Bangles

Wood Jewelry Unfinished Elastic Wooden Bangle by WoodBeJewels

Geflochtene Kette

Cuff Wood Bangle- Summer Cuff Bracelet- Spring Wood Bracelet - Jewelry Supply - Unfinished Wood Bangle - Eco-Friendly Organic Jewelry

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