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(1) I’m NOT Sponge Bob or Jackie O. I’m not a square or a stick figure – I have curves!!!! Choose designer that design for curvy woman. Don’t “box” yourself in. Find a label that pleases you, not a size. (2) Don’t limit yourself to one size – the one printed on the tag. Clothing designers typically use “one” body type for their designs; one size DOES NOT fit all. Try the garment on, don’t be afraid to go up or down a size and see what fits YOUR body type.

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<3 Denim bell bottom jeans ....i love the way them jeans fit in this picture.

1. I will accept my body as it is and concentrate on health. 2. I will stop comparing myself to airbrushed models. 3. I will ROCK a bathing suit this summer and get over my cellulite. 4. I will stop working to get to my goal 118 lbs weight, it’s been 2 years and 125 lbs is just fine! 5. I will stop fixating on imperfections and start fixating on my “best” parts.

Only posting this bc she is Gorgeous! But I dont agree with some of the statement. #1 I don't want to be skinny or a super model! #2 I'm a beauty in my own right, I dont turn heads I break necks! & Believe me I own this curvaceous body! The God Lord Blessed me!

I ordered this two ... when I was looking in Florida I forgot. So whatever fits better.

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The one & only... Black Woman

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