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currentsituationathome: YOUANDI [ B E A U T I F U L L Y C O M B I N E D ] ?????????

vintage everyday: LGBT Couples – Adorable Vintage Photos of Gay Lovers in the Victorian Era

A 1950s Red, Retro and Seaside Inspired Civil Partnership

Civil Partnership, lesbian wedding, gay wedding, same sex wedding, retro 50s wedding, seaside wedding. Photography by Emmest Photography, find them here

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart shared a red-carpet smooch

Gotta love that shock value. Sir Patrick Stewart may be straight, but he won't let it stop him from photo bombing with Sir Ian Mckellan to catch everyone around them off guard. They're weird, they're crazy, they're good at it.

A twist on the tuxedo for gay grooms and genderqueer wedding warriors

I'm not Hindi, but that is a beautiful tux option...

Monroe Wheeler and Glenway Wescott were an extraordinary couple. The two met for the first time in 1919, and it was, it seems, a classic case of love at first sight. At the time, Wescott was still in his teens and Wheeler just 20. Seemingly unconcerned by the social attitudes of the time and inconstancies of youth, the two embarked on a relationship that can be called nothing short of a marriage for the next 68 years, until Wescott's death in 1987.

History's hidden gay couples whose 'outlaw marriages' helped America's greatest minds reach new heights

Outlaw Marriages - Frances Clayton & Audre Lorde. Audre Lorde was a widely acclaimed author who focused on the issues of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Frances Clayton was a tenured professor of psychology at Brown University, until she left that position to support Lorde's evolution as a writer. Lorde and Clayton were in an outlaw marriage from 1968 until 1988.

BY DISTRACTIFY Over the past 30 years, Parisian photographer Sebastien Lifshitz has been obsessed with vintage photographs, collecting anonymous albums from flea markets all around the world. It was during one of his searches that he happened upon a photo album belonging to a gay couple in the...

really old vintage photos of homosexual couples