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I love the violin, the sounds it makes and the feeling it gives off. I wish to that my mother was here to listen. I just walked off stage when I started crying. "Hey are you okay?" I whirl around. There's a boy standing there; shaggy black hair, sky blue eyes. He stares at me. I hope that he doesn't tell everyone about this. Instead he hands me a tissue. I stare. What's going on....(open rp someone be the boy)

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お題『絆創膏』で!なんかあまりつたわらないかもしれない(´д⊂) #緑高深夜の真剣創作60分一本勝負

Free! | Makoto | Haruka | MakoHaru | Yaoi | Kiss

Choujigen Game Neptune - Blanc (White Heart) art by Tatsuya Ishikawa (Sankaku Channel)

A day on the beach - Zack by on @deviantART

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