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Erkunde Tanz und noch mehr!

Der letzte Tanz

I've done this photo opp before but not with my subjects in this position.... Gives me even more ideas to try!


Original Aquarell Ballerina-Malerei, Aquarell Kunst, Tänzer, Ballett, Ballett-Malerei, Kunst moderne Kunst

Original Aquarell Ballerina-Malerei Aquarell Kunst von CanotStop

Pic 3: Sam went around a corner and went across a small alleyway, with high old houses around. Suddenly he saw a pretty girl, who came from his left. Sam: "Hallo pretty girl. You want to stay for a moment". She turns arround and stop walking. She: "Hey, thank you. Who are you?". Sam: "My name is Sam, you will like me". She smiles.