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Chalk Drawing Photo Idea! Perfect for Thank you cards!! Lots of other ideas on this site!

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Contains.1. " I need bathroom" card2. " I need a break" card with choices3. Feelings board4. Where is our class? background with class options to hang outside the class.* Please leave comments/feedback if you enjoyed for future products.Thank you- Everyday Autism

Included:A set of 21 cards differentiating between feature, function or class.All include pictures.* Print on card stock or print and paste on note cards** Laminate for longer usePlease leave feedback and or comments, as it will help with future products and if there is any problems.Thank-You

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to thank your students for any holiday gifts? These little note cards or printables are just for you! Simply print and cut! Jot down a sweet message to each student, and you're done! Thank you, and please be kind and leave feedback!

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