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Oper „La Juive“ in München: Die anderen sind die Bösen

Calixto Bieito has staged the rarely performed opera "La Juive" by Fromental Halévy for the Munich Opera Festival.

Picture of the Day: Sunset at Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye


Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology (Hardcover)

Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology

von Mail Online

When maths was a doodle: How the Ancient Egyptians used pictograms to count instead of numbers

The two eyes of Horus, found on the tube of Thutmose IV (1400-1301BV), in the Valley of the Kings. Egypt

Der Kampfkaftan. I do so really, really want to make one of these for myself! I want my fightingoutfit to be viking but I do also want a gambeson... so this is perfect!

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Bino by Tintins

sailor mars sailor venus sailor mercury sailor jupiter jadeite kunzite zoisite nephrite shitennou

Elrond, Celeborn, and Thranduil from "Lord of the Rings"/"The Hobbit" - Art by Tenra

Combined the traditional high fantasy elf with a more native American one