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Well I started off with dermatillomania, and then realized I have trich too. It was actually a relief to discover that what I was going through was actually so common it has its own name! I feel so much less alone now. I appreciate everyone who shares on here. I'm learning everyday. Together we can feel less alone

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What's the Best Treatment for Hair-Pulling Disorder? --By ANNABELLA HAGEN, LCSW, RPT-S

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I know how all you trich people are. I have it too. So what? IT'S JUST HAIR!

Trichotillomania, hair pulling disorder, definition. Trusted, detailed information on trichotillomania incl. signs, complications of hair pulling disease.

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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Trichotillomania

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Treatment for trichotillomania can bring relief to people who don’t know how to stop pulling out hair. Detailed trichotillomania treatment info.

Great article about Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania, and other BFRBs