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For now we will refer to this dish as Ukoy. Why? Hmm, because uhmm, that is the proper name for it? Okay, okay, I’m just too lazy to type “V...

ihop pancakes the kids love this recipe my husband and i are still on the hunt for the perfect pancake recipe

Adobong Pusit (Squid Stew)

Squid Adobo - a delicious Filipino adobo stew with serrano peppers and coconut milk @Wok with Ray


Pinakbet - Kawaling Pinoy

Steamed Tilapia with Black Bean Ginger Sauce & Sliced Green Onions

Beef Curry with Pumpkin

Thai Curries werden oft unterschätzt :-( Zu unrecht, denn Thai Food beschränkt sich nicht nur auf Cocos und Reis.

Pinakbet with Crispy Lechon

Pinakbet with lechon kawali-crispy pork belly added to a colorful slew of vegetables gives an extra dose of flavor and texture

Ginataang Halo-Halo

The Best Recipe of Coconut Milk Medley Soup - Filipino Dessert