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An welchen Maschinen wurden Bonbons damals gefertigt? Genau das sehen Sie im Bonbon Museum Vaihingen/Enz. Von der Entstehung bis zur maschinellen Fertigung von heute. Alles wird hier ausführlich erklärt.

Credit the Candy Wrapper Museum: A Hippy Sippy candy "syringe." Perhaps the most inappropriate candy of all time, it was released in 1968 by R. L. Albert. Each syringe came with one of ten groovy pins with slogans like "I'll Try Anything" and "Sock It To Me, Baby." It was met with swift and loud protest by outraged parents and was soon removed from shelves. Due to this, it's ultra-rare today.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Join us TODAY from 11am - 4pm for our @target family FREE Saturday! Get a hug from @hellokitty have some cotton candy, play in the bounce house, listen to pop band Candyboy, and so much more. It's fun for the whole family, see you there! #JANM #HelloKitty #HelloKittyJANM #ValentinesDay #museum #art #targetfreesaturdays #littletokyo @sanrio

Take an in-depth virtual tour of the world's museums. Please prepare to have your tank filled and overflowing.

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Charcoal 'My Life is a Country Song' Maternity Tee

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World's Prettiest Castle Towns

Rhodes, Greece: The unique mix of Islamic minarets, European buttresses, and pebble-stone mosaic pavements in the ancient city of Rhodes makes it look like a clash of cultures—A Knight's Tale meets a 17th-century Turkish village. Indeed, the town is located at the very heart of the crossroads between the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, and its varied architecture reflects all of those influences. Within the city's thick sandstone and limestone walls, you'll find the Palace of the G...

Sanders Chocolate Factory Tour. Add this to my "To Do" list!