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Noch eine Variante zur Nutzung auf ein Montage Tisch. Wenn man den Link folgt ist ein Photographische Darstellung während der Nutzung

Robuste Spannelemente zur Montage auf einem Kantholz oder Vierkantrohr von 28 mm Breite.

von WoodWorkers Guild of America

Crown Molding Installation on Cabinets

How to Install Crown Molding on Cabinets

More than 10 years after its original publication, this clear and accessible guide continues to serve woodworkers of all skill levels with a comprehensive offering to the router and its many uses. Packed with the techniques and tricks needed to unleash the router's incredible potential, this manual includes the best ways to cut decorative edgings and moldings, surface wood and joint edges for glue-ups, shape furniture parts, and cut curves, circles, and ovals. With chapters on how to make... If you have never had the opportunity to learn about woodworking this is a good place to start. It has information on what woods to use, the type of tools to use, how to use tools correctly and safely, nails, glues, plans and just about anything else you would need to know to allow you to get started on DIY projects so you don't have to depend on or pay someone else to do those projects you want to do.

von The Family Handyman

How to Glue Wood

How to Glue Wood--Our top 10 gluing tips

Glue mark on the case, this is caused when the two parts of Perspex are no pressed up against each other properly. I have modified my "jig" to include a corner.

von Popular Woodworking Magazine

AW Extra - Torsion-Box Workbench and Expandable Assembly Table

AW Extra - Torsion-Box Workbench and Expandable Assembly Table - Popular Woodworking Magazine

I can do large glue-ups, or even multiple smaller glue-ups and keep them in a space-saving configuration while drying. This leaves both more room and clamps available for additional glue-ups at the assembly table. The application of clamping pressure on all sides at once is a real time and stress-saver too.