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Stiles Stilinski

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Scott deserves a medal. He gave up his supernatural identity to the whole of BHHS and faced the beast, knowing full well he wouldn't stand a chance, all in the name to protect his friends. He's a true hero and a true, true alpha. #5x18 #TeenWolf

Stiles' really gets to me, because he is the only person there that doesn't not have a special ability, only when he was void and that was evil. Stiles is such a warrior, and he never really gets credit for everything he does.

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Kira On 'Teen Wolf' Wears A Lot Of Numbers

Who turned out the lights?

Derek & Stiles... they have this... connection. A bromance, if you will.(:

Scott - Alpha Allison - Warrior Isaac - Beta Stiles - Spark Lydia - Banshee