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Erkunde Afrika Masken, African Reißzahn und noch mehr!

Africa | Headdress/mask from the Bwa people of Burkina Faso | Wood and pigment

BWA MASK Burkina Faso. H 118 cm.

Africa | Zoomorphic mask from the Bobo people of Burkina Faso | Wood, polychrome…

Africa | Helmet mask from the Igala people of Nigeria | Wood, polychrome paint

Africa | Water Spirit mask from the Ijaw people of Nigeria | Wood, with remains of red and indigo blue pigment | The masks are always worn horizontal on the head, for the water spirits themselves hold their heads in one level with the surface of the water as well.

Africa | Mask from the Bushoong Kuba people of DR Congo | Wood, raffia textile, cowrie shells and glass beads

Africa | Nwantantay mask from the Do society of the Bwa people of Burkina Faso | Wood and paint

Grassland mask, Laikom, Cameroun

Africa | Mask from the Gurunsi people of Burkina Faso | Wood and pigments