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((Play him)) He's a dark angel, very rare you know? He watches me from a far, but what does he know? He knows my life from beginning to end, he won't let my clock run out, he'd fill it up again. He loves to play mind games, especially with me, I hate when he does for its so mean. He stands there looking right at me as my heart drops to the floor and I gape in shock. "What are you?" I question. (Credit to @calee)

Lucivar Yaslana! Black Jewels Trilogy, Anne Bishop

Angel in the clouds

Heaven must be missing an angel (Name that tune!)

Black eyed angel flew with me


Hawke Snow (Jessie Pavelka)--Alpha of the Snowdancer wolf pack, mate of Sienna Lauren, and the male protagonist of Kiss of Snow.

Sebastian Sauve by Livia Alcalde For L’Officiel Hommes Greece

Sebastian Sauve by Livia Alcalde For LOfficiel Hommes Greece - DerriusPierreCom (11)