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Erkunde Sei Mutig, Goo Gl und noch mehr!

Sei mutig Schütze dich und deine Familie

Sei mutig & nutze Dein volles Potenzial! - Befreiung von Depressionen

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„Auf beinahe jedem Gebiet ist es Ihre Leidenschaft, die Sie retten wird. Wenn Ihr Ziel ausreichend wichtig für Sie ist, werden Sie es erreichen.“ William James /

von Suyan on Spirituality - Life Coach Pretoria South Africa

Life Coach Pretoria

LIFE COACHING Personal Life Coach Pretoria You will hear most life coaches say that becoming a life coach was more a calling than choosing a career path. This often is due to life experiences and s...

Our Daughters Our Pride - Girls Intervene to Save a Couple Being Brutalized in Siliguri Franklin D Roosevelt once wrote Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all Miss. Mingma Sherpa and Miss. Srijana Pradhan - two girls from Kurseong risked their own safety to save the life of a young girl and a guy who were being brutally beaten up in Siliguri thus setting an…

What makes an innovator? The interactive seminar “The Innovators Mind” found that some of the necessary characteristics include disruption, mindfulness, courage and collaboration. The workshop was part of local management consulting firm Berlineaton’s rebranding event on January 15 at the Victoria Conference Centre. Speakers included Daniela Cubelic, founder, owner and CEO of Silk Road Tea; … Continued


OLAJUMOKE ADENOWO : BUILDING LIONS There's a lion on the logo of awesome treasures foundation..the faith based NGO founded by Jumoke Adenowo.a turquoise lion wearing a gold crown.. First time I noticed it .. I was like 'perfect!It's so on point.. If you've ever met Sis Jay .. Internationally acclaimed architect and principal at AD Consulting you'd understand why.. She has a way of throwing courage at you.. You just always walk away from a conversation with her with a new found boldness. I…

It's time to stop wishing your situation was different, and start making a change. Rodan + Fields gives you the freedom to work your own schedule yet have a supplemental income for that breathing room you've been looking for. Have courage, take a step in the right direction, and you will love your job and the impact it has on others!