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Erkunde Drache, Dragons und noch mehr!

ERNÄHRUNG by Anja Kostka

Seeungeheuer und andere Gemeinheiten

Dragon de energia

Hippocamp/Hippocampus - a mix of a horse and a fish, in this specific case the horse is a zebra - Greek and Etruscan Mythology; The Hippocampi were said to be Poseidon's horses and they could emerge from the sea. The sea-horses were believed to pull their God's chariot. #hippocamp #hippocampus #zebra #horse #poseidon #mythology

Alan Lee- Castillos de la edad de la fantasía

Book Dragon; like a book cat only better. Bob Eggleton | Fantasy art -- Sometimes I really wish miniature dragons existed.

Pez de Tommy Kinnerup -Ilustracón

Kelpie - water horse - Scottish Folklore; The horse Kelpie lures children into riding it and as soon as they sit on its back, it jumps into the nearby water and drowns the kid. The human form of it is described as a shaggy-looking man that mumbles nonsense and stiches a pair of trousers. It's mostly harmless in human form.