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Deckenfluter in Kupfer

Mañana, Design House Stockholm

Beautiful lamps: Northlight XXL

Copa Cabana For Metalarte | Hayon Studio

Esstisch von Normann Copenhagen

Schöne Stehleuchte Trommel Design mit Stativ Gestell

Ballroom Design by Us

If you visited Sight Unseen OFFSITE last week, you might have noticed one standout booth in particular, dressed as it was in moody shades of blue, showcasing an incredible number of variations on the sculptural, globe-bulbed typology that's recently become so en vogue in the lighting world. In fact, in its striking beauty, the booth was impossible to miss: The lights were the work of London-based sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer, two Austrian-born designers who work under the…

Wohnzimmer mit Steinwand mit Beleuchtung

Shades from Paris au mois d'Aout

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