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Erkunde Konzerte 2012, Musiker Mostly und noch mehr!

Most Likely, The Greatest Guitarist To Ever Pick Up An Axe...The Fabulous Jimi Hendrix...

Yes! If you don't listen to the band, don't wear the band t-shirt.

Louis Armstrong | Louis Armstrong: seine Musik und sein Leben

In addition to being the greatest jazz musician of the 20th century, Louis Armstrong was also the most beloved. “I never met anybody that didn’t love him that ever saw him work or ever has encountered him, had any connection or any business with him,” said Bing Crosby. Armstrong’s charm lay in his straightforward openness.

Nur zuhören....... Nachdem vor allem von den Englischsprachigen Usern so viele Beleidigende Kommentare und Nazi Beschimpfungen hier gepostet wurden habe ich ...

Precious's best friend, Sophia Van Der Wood. She's very sweet and means well, but is very privileged and classist and most of the other "ists" as well. Later in the series, she realizes she's aromantic homosexual and goes through all the self-hate and soul searching that goes with that.