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Stand-off between Arthur and Gilbert. Mind you, I think Arthur's got the advantage here - Gilbert's holding the edge of his sword to Arthur's throat, but if it's a smallsword, it's not that effective a slashing weapon. So they had better be sparring, because if not, this won't end well....

Ich bin Deutsche. Und ich bin nicht rassistisch!

Hetalia-England I'd like to imagine this "photograph" had been taken by France one day they were happy together...

Running around the world

Running around the world

Und die gehen immer in den Keller, um zu lachen. ;-) <<< Tun wir gar nicht. ^.^

Hungary realizing that something's wrong ^^"... And a confuzzled Prussia right next to her ^^"""""...

Roma? Are you okay? You look like you're having fun..... What happened to Roma?

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