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"Paris" aus dem Westgiebel des Aphaia-Tempels von Ägina, Farbrekonstruktion, Original aus Ägina (Griechenland).

Seuthes III was a king of the Odrysian kingdom of Thrace from ca. 330 BC to ca. 300 BC, at first tributary to Alexander the Great of Macedonia. Thrace had been largely subject to Macedonia since the campaigns of Alexander's father Philip II in 347-346, followed by his conquest of southern Thrace in 341 BC. After Philip's death in 336 BC, the Thracian tribes revolted against Alexander, who waged a campaign against and defeated the Getai and King Syrmus of the Triballi.

"Chioskore" color reconstruction, the original of the Acropolis in Athens (Greece).

National Archaeological Museum. (Walking Athens, Route 09 - Exarheia)

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Characters from The Iliad in ancient art

KASTOR AND POLYDEUKES The brothers of Helen (probably) attack the Kalydonian Boar. The fish beneath the ground-line indicates a lake or stream. Spartan black-figure wine-cup, c. 555 bc. | Grave Relief. 350-325 B.C. | 834. Grave relief. Pentelic marble. Found at Eleusis. The relief formed part of a funerary naiskos, the pilasters and pediment of which were made of separate pieces of marble. It depicts a bearded warrior wearing a short chiton, corselet and chlamys, standing | frontally. His young servant holds ins helmet. His shield can be seen placed on the ground next to him... 350-325 B.C. National Archaeological Museum. Athens, Greece. --- 834…