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Basan are very rare birds found only in the mountains of Ehime, on the island of Shikoku. Description from I searched for this on

奪衣婆 (Old Woman Who Strips Clothes) Datsue-ba is an old woman who sits at the edge of the Sanzu River and according to mythology, when a child dies, its soul has to cross this river. Since they haven’t accumulated enough experience, they cannot cross it and so they are met by her. She strips the child’s clothes and asks them to build a pile of pebbles on which they can climb to reach paradise. When she sees their success, she maliciously knocks out the pile.

“The Cat Monster of Saga” illustrated by Yoshu Chikanobu

11 Legendary Monsters of Asia

If you hear a #Nue's call, misfortune will befall you... Written in Kanji (Chinese characters) as 'night bird', it is often not described beyond its strange voice. The depictions that exist describe it as having the head of a monkey, the body of a tiger and the tail of a snake. The appearance of this creature probably didn't exist to begin with.

Toriyama Sekien, Bakeneko (Nekomata), From Gazu Hyakki Yako (Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons), ca. 1776, Woodblock Print From the post, “Nekomata the Split Tailed Cat”, on the blog, Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, Toriyama sekien’s picture of a nekomata from his Gazu Hyakki Yako (画図百鬼夜行; The Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons) is also tinged with humor. His illustrations shows three cats, one a nekomata with a split-tale and two regular cats. The nekomata appears t

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Mount Yoshino Midnight Moon, 1886. From the 100 Phases of the Moon series. 9.25" x 13.5". From here. Iga no Tsubone confronts the tormented spirit of Sasaki no Kiyotaka, who was forced to comit suicide for giving the emperor bad advice. Sasaki's ghost appears as a troublesome tengu demon, with kite's wings and claws.