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BAD limited edition black and gold hoodie

falling is like this We may have already pinned this either way we love it perfect for Seattle Fall and Winter -44 #Urban #Mens Fashion #Seattle #Haberdashery

@Sarah Schutz I should get one for ZEDD's show at Hangout lol

EDM. I have talked about this before, but it is also a major trend in entertainment today. Not only has it become a highly crazed music genre played by a broad audience, but also has become a popular form of social entertainment for young adults.The EDM seen has grown exponentially within the last 2 years and the atmosphere has a lot of appeal to younger generations.From bright colored costume parties to Halloween extravaganzas!A huge trend within entertainment today.Taylor R. Go Here for all The New and Best EDM

for those that dont know and cant figure out, EDM stands for electronic dance music