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Baselitz also wasn't too thrilled about the art market in Germany. "There's a market for art (in Germany), and things are indeed going swimmingly, especially for German artists," he said. "But everything takes place in America and in London, where there are quite a few wealthy, engaged people." This Baselitz work is titled "Kunst auf dem Kopf," or "Art on its Head."

Peter Doig - Figure in a Mountain Landscape (I Love You Big Dummie) - 1999

Malcolm Liepke - 'The Grey Dress' - Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

Georg Baselitz, "Volk Ding Zero - Folk Thing Zero", 2009

Malcolm Liepke - 'Arms Clasped' - Telluride Gallery of Fine Art


Malcolm Liepke Oil on Canvas Painting -- Gorgeous style!

große abstrakte Grafik Giclee Druck von weiß blau von LolaDonoghue

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